Climate meeting in Bonn concludes

Late on Sunday evening, AWG-LCA 9 adopted conclusions on organization and methods of work in 2010. It agreed, inter alia, to invite the Chair to prepare a text to facilitate negotiations and make it available before AWG-LCA 10 in June. The AWG-LCA also agreed to hold two additional sessions between AWG-LCA 10 in June and COP 16 in November-December in Mexico, although no dates have been set for these additional meetings. Climate change negotiators have agreed to intensify their negotiating schedule in order to achieve a strong outcome in Mexico at the end of this year.

Negotiators were meeting in Bonn over the weekend in the first round of UN climate change talks since the Copenhagen Conference. The UN’s top climate change official, Yvo de Boer, said he had seen a strong desire to make progress at this meeting in Bonn. He added that the Cancun Conference must finalize a functioning architecture for implementation that launches global climate action, especially in developing nations.

– Martin Groarke, London

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