US unveils proposed sanctions on Iran

Yesterday the US urged five more powers to support measures allowing for the blocking of weapons deliveries heading to Iran, as well as any other materials that might be used in the Iranian nuclear program, the Washington Post reported. In a briefing to delegates from China, France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom, the US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, provided the details of the draft UN Security Council sanctions that have been prepared by Washington and several other Western governments that also include penalties against the Revolutionary Guards and restrictions on new business with Iran’s energy industry. While last week China objected to the restrictions on Iran’s energy sector, yesterday they took a more conciliatory approach. If China and Russia do not support the restrictions on the Iranian energy sector, the US has hinted that it would be willing to accept a watered down resolution. As the US Defense Secretary, Robert Gates explained, “What is important about the U.N. resolution is less the specific content of the resolution than the isolation of Iran by the rest of the world.”

– William Eichler, London

Sources: ‘Ban on Iranian Weapons, Nuclear Imports Floated at U.N.‘, Global Security News Wire, 15 April 2010; Colum Lynch, ‘U.S. urges U.N. Security Council to impose arms embargo, other measures on Iran‘, Washington Post, 15 April 2010.

Resource: Security Council Report