Asian, Middle East States Might Have Produced Bioweapons, Graham Says

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham has told the Washington Post that there is a serious danger that some Middle Eastern and South Asian states may have developed biological weapons.

Graham, who had just returned from the Middle East and who is the former co-head of the Commission for the Prevention of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation and Terrorism, pointed to India, Pakistan, Israel and Syria, as states who may have weaponised disease agents. “The extent to which they may have done it is classified, but it is a serious threat,” Graham told the Post. While India and Pakistan have ratified the Biological Weapons Convention, Israel and Syria have not.

Graham testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on WMD-related matters, on April 21st.

– William Eichler, London

Source: ‘Asian, Middle East States Might Have Produced Bioweapons, Graham Says‘, Global Security News Wire, 21 April 2010.


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