VERTIC Brief No. 11, ‘Towards a verified nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East’

This paper outlines the need for a nuclear weapon free zone in the Middle East, and discusses its relevance for the 2010 NPT review conference. It is written by two Middle Eastern scholars.

Sameh Aboul-Enein is an Egyptian scholar and diplomat. He holds an MSc and a PhD in International Relations and the Middle East and has published a number of articles on disarmament issues. He is currently a visiting lecturer on disarmament (University of Westminster) and a member of a multilateral study group on Missiles (Peace Research Institute Frankfurt ). He is an alumnus of the School of Oriental and African Studies and this article forms part of his post-doctoral research. He contributed these views solely in his academic and personal capacity.

Hassan Elbahtimy is a researcher at VERTIC. He is also a PhD candidate and a research associate at the Centre for Science and Security Studies at the War Studies Department, Kings College, London

It is available to download here (PDF 132k).