Grants and Administration

In this quarter, VERTIC has focused on project delivery and implementation of existing grants, as such fundraising was scaled down. Despite this, a new discretionary grant (about £20,000) was agreed with the Norwegian Radiological Protection Authority. This grant is backdated, and goes towards our work on the UK-Norway Intitiative. We also also recieved a short contract from the World Resources Institute. The implementation timelines on a pending project had to be revised due to the programme spending review at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. This review has now been concluded, presently with no impact on VERTIC programme activities. We are, of course, very grateful for the continued support from our funders. The executive director has, mindful of the present fiscal situation in many of our funder governments, reviewed the financial situation of the charity, as well as our cash-flow forecasts, and concluded that all activities still are on time and budget. Therefore, we have taken steps to increase our capacity. Mr. David Cliff rejoined VERTIC as a Research Assistant in May 2010. He will primarily work for the Arms Control and Disarmament Programme. In addition, the National Implementation Programme (NIM) recruited a Programme Assistant, Ms. Yasemin Balci. She will be joining the team in mid-July. Sonia Drobysz, a PhD candidate carrying out work on the IAEA will be with us for a month until the end of July. Renata Dalaqua completed a successful internship with the NIM team at the end of June after a period of two months. We are grateful for all her hard work.

In addition, VERTIC contracted a dedicated IT support team in June and as staff frequently operate from abroad we also reviewed our travel health and safety rules.

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