VERTIC Senior Researcher co-authors paper on REDD with WRI

VERTIC’s Senior Researcher Larry MacFaul has co-authored a Working Paper with the World Resources Institute and the Environmental Investigation Agency on information needed for mechanisms to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD). The paper examines what kind of data countries need to gather to develop and implement REDD strategies effectively, and what information could be made available at the international level. It focuses on measures to address illegal logging in Indonesia and Peru, and draws on work carried out for the Chatham House-VERTIC illegal logging indicators study.

World Resources Institute Working Papers contain preliminary research, analysis, findings, and recommendations. They are circulated to stimulate timely discussion and critical feedback and to influence ongoing debate on emerging issues. This paper is particularly aimed at making recommendations for domestic policy makers in forest-rich developing countries and for Parties to the ongoing UNFCCC negotiations, where it has already received interest.

Tracking Transformative Forest Actions to Reduce Emissions: An illegal logging case study’ by Florence Daviet (WRI), Lauren Goers (WRI), Larry MacFaul (VERTIC), Andrea Johnson (EIAS) and Kirsten Stasio (WRI), WRI Working Paper, World Resources Institute, Washington DC, 2010.