National Implementation Measures Programme

Between July and September, the NIM Programme completed 10 legislative surveys. Staff conducted two legislative drafting workshops and made preparations for another workshop to be held in the fourth quarter; four further workshops are being discussed with other states. The team is also providing support to two states on joining the BWC and CWC. The programme is currently working on the launch of a new BWC implementing legislation database. VERTIC’s Sample Act is now available in Portuguese.

Yasemin Balci joined the NIM team in July. As Programme Assistant, Yasemin provides administrative and legal research support to the team. All NIM staff travelled to Geneva in August to participate in the BWC 2010 Meeting of Experts. VERTIC staff raised awareness about the NIM Programme and delivered a statement (in Spanish) during the NGO session emphasizing the importance of BWC universality, implementation and the strengthening of the Confidence Building Measures mechanism. VERTIC was publicly acknowledged by several states for our work with them: Chile, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Canada, and Georgia/US.

NIM staff also engaged in a number of other activities under the programme. Angela Woodward participated in the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia-Pacific (CSCAP) Study Group on Countering the Proliferation of WMD, held in Singapore 3-4 July. Angela also commented on CSCAP’s draft handbook on preventing WMD proliferation in the region. On 4 August, she gave a presentation at the New Zealand Centre for Strategic Studies on the practicalities of implementing WMD treaties and UNSCR 1540 and on nuclear warhead dismantlement verification. Angela spoke about BWC implementing legislation at a Wilton Park conference on ‘Prospects for the 2011 Review Conference for the BWC’, held between 24-26 September.

Scott Spence participated in this year’s International Law Association Conference, in The Hague. He also lectured at the Webster University, Leiden, Netherlands, and at the Asser Institute at a WMD Course jointly sponsored with the OPCW, The Hague, which was also attended by Yasemin. Rocío Escauriaza Leal represented VERTIC at a workshop on implementing UNSCR 1540, held in Hanoi, Vietnam, from 28 September-1 October. VERTIC discussed approaches and further co-operation with participant countries on strengthening their legislation for the implementation of the BWC and Resolution 1540.

Finally, the NIM Programme also wishes to thank Kara Allen for assisting the team during her internship.