VERTIC to lecture at CTBTO course

VERTIC researcher Hassan ElBahtimy will travel to Vienna next week to give a presentation to a new course set up by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization.

The course, entitled “Strengthening Verification, Enhancing Security: The Science and Political Significance of the CTBT,” is a component of the broader capacity development initiative being carried out by the CTBTO. The vision for the capacity development initiative is based on the realization that building and maintaining the necessary capacity to deal with the technical, scientific and political complexities of arms control is a key challenge for the multilateral non-proliferation and disarmament regime. Therefore, it is essential that the CTBTO provides opportunities to as many stakeholders as possible to participate on an equal footing in the implementation of multilaterally established regimes and in the benefits thereof.

This entry-level course is designed to strengthen and broaden participation in global monitoring and verification efforts and to promote understanding and awareness of the Treaty and the work of the CTBTO.

It is still possible to apply to attend: find more information at the course website.