Agenda for VERTIC, NTI and AAAS meeting

“Verification for Future Nuclear Arms Control”

October 22, 2010


11:00 Policy Considerations for Verification
Chair: Sharon Squassoni (CSIS)

  • Corey Hinderstein (NTI) – Findings of the NTI Verification Study: Cultivating Confidence
  • Benn Tannenbaum (AAAS) – Bridging the gap between technology and policy
  • Steve Fetter (OSTP) – Administration priorities

12:00 Lunch

12:15 The Future Technical Agenda
Chair: Jeffrey Lewis (New America Foundation)

  • Andreas Persbo (VERTIC) – Report of Vertic
  • James Fuller (PNL)– Verified Warhead Dismantlement, current needs
  • Rick Wallace (LANL) – Nuclear material verification

1:15 Discussion
Chair: Pierce Corden, AAAS

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